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Skyline Automatic Louvered Roof ​


Skyline Roof is Automatic louvered roof, an all-new openable roofing system, comprising an array of heavy-duty double-walled extruded Aluminium louvres. These louvres are perfectly open and closed by passive and active gears mechanism, self-lubricated, and connected to each louver blade to help smooth and controlled movement. With a simple touch of the remote, you can convert the outdoors into an indoor or an indoor into an outdoor– The louver blade movement to an angle gives you more sunlight & breeze or less sunlight & less breeze. It is 100% rainproof when in a closed position.

Skyline automatic Louvered Roof is precision engineered conforming to New Zealand / EU specification elegantly crafted, and corrosion resistant since made of 100% Aluminium and stainless steel hardware and is leakproof. The aluminium louvres can be powder-coated in the colour of your choice, with a matching support frame, to blend brilliantly with any architectural style. Multiple sections of louvres provide almost limitless design options. Skyline Smart Louver roof offers unmatched value and performance for Covering a Patio, Courtyard, Terrace Garden, Outdoor entertaining areas, Swimming pool deck, Atrium and Open-air restaurant.

skyline automatic louvered roof
skyline automatic louvered roof
  • The Skyline automatic  louvred roof is an innovative mechanism that transforms a solid waterproof covering into a Pergola-style covering that gives light, ventilation and a view of the sky above.
  • The Skyline automatic louvered Cover is 100% Waterproof and is designed for Rain Protection.
  • The Louver system prevents rainwater from entering the enclosed area and leads it directly to the gutter for perfect water drainage.
  • Thanks to the parallelly mounted, 340 dig rotating louver blades’, preventing direct sun rays & harmful UV rays. Double-walled aerodynamic louver keeps the interior space cool and spacious.
  • 100% Sun Protection.  
  • Designed to withstand up to 110 km/h wind speed. The seasonal difficulties do not disrupt your comfort. Now every season is a celebration for you.
  • Hospitals.
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Aircraft
  • Shipyards
  • Food industries
  • Retail & Moll
  • Automobiles
  • Engineering
  • Logistics
  • Villa Residency
  • Chemical Industries
  • Educational Institutions