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A sliding roof is a roof system designed to roll back the roof of a structure so that the interior of the facility is open to the outdoors. Sliding roofs are sometimes referred to as operable roofs on a track. Sliding roofs are used in residences, restaurants and bars, swim centres, arenas and stadiums, and other facilities wishing to provide protection from the elements, as well as the option of having an open roof during favourable weather.

While any shape is possible, common shapes are flat, ridge, hip-ridge, barrel and dome. A residence might incorporate one or more 3′ by 5′ sliding roofs; a bar or restaurant a sliding roof measuring 20′ by 30′; and a banquette or meeting hall a 50′ by 100′ bi-parting-over-stationary. 

skyline automatic sliding gate
  • Flexibility and Versatile Outdoor Shad
  • Protection from the Rain
  • Extends and Adds Value to your Asset
  • Prolong the Life of your Furniture
  • Inbuilt lighting fixtures
  • 100% customisation
  • Hospitals.
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Aircraft
  • Shipyards
  • Food industries
  • Retail & Moll
  • Automobiles
  • Engineering
  • Logistics
  • Villa Residency
  • Chemical Industries
  • Educational Institutions