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Aluminum Rolling Shutter


Nirmal Rolling Shutter in Aluminum Curtain is manufactured from single or double-skinned aluminum slats, interlocked together to make the shutter curtain. Designed to meet all requirements regarding technology, design, and quality (EC Declaration of Conformity for Industrial Door EN 13241- 1:2003) the principal characteristics are – secure handling, reliable action of opening and closing, and a long life with minimal maintenance. Their non-corrosive properties find application in industrial and commercial environments and assist in saving energy, providing premium aesthetics and top-notch security.

These high-quality rolling shutters are durable, efficient, and relatively lighter in weight. To read more about features, benefits, and technical specifications, get in touch to schedule a site visit.

For more information about features and specifications, download the catalog or get in touch with our team of experts.

Aluminum Rolling Shutter
  • The highest level of safety is provided by operational convenience.
  • Customized Design and Manufacturing
  • Energy-saving and maintainer-friendly
  • Better Fire Protection
  • Weather Protection for Your Equipment
  • Affordable Approach
  • Space Utilization Efficaciously
  • Hospitals.
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Aircraft
  • Shipyards
  • Food industries
  • Retail & Moll
  • Automobiles
  • Engineering
  • Logistics
  • Villa Residency
  • Chemical Industries
  • Educational Institutions