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High Speed Door


High-Speed Door is a unique product, specially designed to suit industrial use, there is a variety of high-speed doors are available in the market. Selecting the correct high-speed door is important.

Benefits of using high-speed doors

(1) Clean Manufacturing Facility – Prevents dust from coming in, Facility will be clean and dust free. The facility cleaning cycle will be reduced, Epoxy floor life enhanced, and high-precision machines can perform better
(2) Prevents Energy losses – saves temperature losses, saves quality air losses
(3) High-speed opening and closing help to achieve the productivity of the logistic team. suitable for heavy traffic area
(4) Safest Doors – The Man and Finish products are safe while passing through these doors.
(5) Very low maintenance – servo motors, controls and the encoder help smooth and perfect operation.


Apex HSD (EX-IN Use)
APEX Stack Up Hanger Door
APEX High Speed roll-up door
APEX High speed Fold Up Door
APEX reset Clean Room High
Apex High Speed Door
Apex high speed door