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Apex High Speed Stack-up Hanger Door


Doors for large dimensions for shipyards and aircraft hangars are designed from scratch based on customer requirements, such as measurements, wind resistance and location. It can be installed both in new buildings and in existing ones, being able to be installed both inside and outside the warehouse. Thanks to its vertical opening system, it does not require civil works on the ground or lateral spaces, so its maintenance is minimal.

Each door is designed from scratch based on customer requirements, such as measurements, location and wind resistance. This can be up to 280 km/h (on demand). It can be designed both for installation in new buildings, as well as for adaptation to existing buildings, as well as both inside and outside the building. A work of adaptation of the structure must be done together to be able to fix the door correctly. Its double canvas with reinforced internal structure allows it to cover large gaps and offer high wind resistance

Nirmal offers customized turnkey solutions for works in shipyards and hangars, both in the installation of new buildings and in the adaptation of existing buildings. However, it offers other stackable doors for bridge cranes, docks, removable tents and for the exterior of large industrial buildings.

apex high speed stack-up door
  • Resistant

  • It is very strong and durable.

  • The safety of the door.

  • The operation and using of the door are surprisingly simple.

  • Available anti-static fabric (Optional).

  • The Control panel is user-friendly and easy to install and program.

  • Interlocking in an in-built feature.

  • It has a facility to connect various operating devices (movement sensor, loop detector, pullcord switch, RF remote, keypad access control, face recognition, and biometric access control

  • Hospitals.
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Aircraft
  • Shipyards
  • Food industries
  • Retail & Moll
  • Automobiles
  • Engineering
  • Logistics
  • Villa Residency
  • Chemical Industries
  • Educational Institutions