Industrial sectional doors are designed for high intensity and long service life. High operational characteristics of our industrial doors are laid down already at the design stage. Insulated panels protect indoor environment from heat, cold and noise, which means better indoor living conditions and energy saving. Polycarbonate glass panels inserted into frames can be supplied for the sectional doors. It’s an additional safety feature for industrial usage and adds beauty to residential doors.

Technical specifications
  • Doorway Height: from 2m to 6 m
  • Doorway width: from 2m to 6 m
  • Acoustic Insulation: 24 dB
  • Wind Load: 3 Class* 200km/h)
  • Water Tightness: 1 Class (Water Pressure 30Pa)
  • Lifting Force: up to 40 Kg
  • Door Leaf Weight: 17 kg/m2
  • Reliability & Safety
  • Functionality & Longevity
  • Usability
  • External Application
  • Loading/Unloading Bay
  • FMCG & other Manufacturing Facility
  • Garage Doors
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