These rapid opening roll up doors with the PVC curtain panel that rolls up to the roller of the upper transform & it takes very little space. It can be with horizontal wind resistant aluminum bars or without bars. These rapid roll up doors are mainly used in stores, internal department of production facilities. It helps to control internal temperature, positive air pressure, dust, smoke, noise, harmful fumes, insects etc. Very useful for energy saving.

Technical specifications
  • Door Curtain: 0.8-1.0 mm
  • Side Rail: 2.00 mm thickness
  • Opening Speed:
  • Closing Speed:
  • Wind Load Maximum: 11 m/s

Door Material: Plastic

  • Elegant Look
  • Noise Free Operation
  • Durable, Maintenance Free and Long Life
  • Partly Transparent for See Through
  • Internal Applications
  • For any manufacturing facility

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