Our High Security Automatic Bollards such as Automatic Hydraulic Bollards and Automatic Retractable Bollards are the highest crash certified & rated active bollards available. A heavy hot-dip galvanized finish ensures that the bollards will last a lifetime without being destroyed by corrosion. Bollards are equipped with top sensitive plate to protect accidents. LED will improve the visibility of bollards.

Technical Specifications
  • Weight: 180 kg
  •  LED Power supply: 24Vcc
  •  Diameter of Bollards: 273 mm
  •  Height above ground level: 700 mm
  •  Time of Complete Cycle: 50 sec
  •  Power Supply: 230 VAC±10% -50Hz
  •  Lubrication: Hydraulic Oil
  • Resistance to Impact: 29000 J
  • Keeps the premises secure & safe
  • Stop vehicular traffic movement
  • Defense and Restricted Area
  •  Government premises
  •  Nuclear Establishments
  • Hotel Industry
  • Airports
  • Stadiums
  • Space Research and other research Institutes
  • Chemical Factories
  • Power plants

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